“A fantastically intelligent book about individuals, elephants and relationships” – what people are saying about Being Someone


The author at the launch (Photo by Kate Jones)

 It is three weeks since my debut novel was published and, while Being Someone has yet to make me rich and famous, I did end up in Tatler. A little incongruous among the truly glamorous parties the title normally carries, my launch was held in a Clerkenwell art gallery, the walls bearing prints of the cover art (a piece by US artist, Jennifer D Anderson). It was enormous fun.

Since then, Being Someone has found its way onto the Underground and been reviewed by The Bookbag in the kindest way: apparently “the writing is exquisite. Adrian Harvey is the sort of author who could write about the phone book and you wouldn’t be able to stop reading” Which is handy, because the novel I’m working on currently features a lot of postcodes.

“lucid, engaging and emotionally intelligent, with a filmic quality borne of the narrative style and the profound sense of place”

But the nicest thing about the past three weeks has been the way readers have responded to the book. Finding out that it worked, that the intentions behind the work are realised in the reading, is immeasurably rewarding. I don’t know if I set out to write “a beautifully melancholy book” but I did want to create “characters we recognise, loving and failing in ways we instinctively understand”.

It goes without saying that Being Someone is available to buy – it’s on Amazon or you could pop into your local bookshop and order it. No pressure, of course.

 “Absorbing, highly descriptive and addictive; … It is a starkly honest work”

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