Being Someone


“There is a refreshing honesty from Harvey about the challenges of committing oneself to another, the emotional highs and lows, and the book is richer for it – heart wrenching, touching and absorbing.”

James Townsend is not a bastard, he just can’t make decisions. At least not the right ones: about what he wants or who he is. The affair had seemed like a good one but now that this too has crashed to failure, he has returned into his past in a vain search for something to make sense of how he got here. At home, everyone else is just trying to find some meaning in the debris.

“lucid, engaging and emotionally intelligent, with a filmic quality borne of the narrative style and the profound sense of place” – Amazon review

No 28You can read some reviews at My Little Book Blog, Linda’s Book Bag, Trip Fiction and at The Bookbag, who also interviewed me. And you can read my guest blog on the inspiration for the novel at A Lover of Books. And, over the summer of 2015, Being Someone was selected for the WH Smith ‘Fresh Talent’ promotion, “showcasing the very best in new and emerging writing talent”; the book had a lovely new cover for the occasion and made it into the WHS chart.

Being Someone is published by Urbane Publications.

It is available as an e-book direct from the publishers and you can order the paperback from bookshops; in the UK, you can order it online at Hive; it’s also available on Amazon.


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